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Next Digital Agency successfully transformed the online presence of MJG Supplements by creating a robust eCommerce website tailored to their unique requirements.

We leveraged our expertise in eCommerce website development to ensure a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience, significantly boosting their sales and customer engagement. Our SEO and marketing strategies helped MJG Supplements attain top rankings in search engine results, thereby increasing their visibility and driving targeted traffic to their site.

Additionally, we provided Magento Website Hosting, guaranteeing high performance, reliability, and security for their website, ensuring a smooth operation and enhanced user experience.

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The level of customer service we received was unparalleled, truly exceptional. The website we have is exactly how we wanted it, it’s flawless, no ideas we put forward got shunned and dismissed as too complex or too time consuming etc. The experience, professionalism and integrity Conor possesses is something that inspires great confidence and puts him leaps and bounds above the competition in his field as these attributes are invaluable. Conor has worked on every website MJG has produced, bailing us out in 2013 when our website was constructed by charlatans with major technical issues effecting the functionality of the site. Months later Conor built it again from scratch the right way which was a hard pill to swallow having spent a substantial figure with the previous developers but worth every penny and worked out so much better in the long term. Our latest website is visually stunning with faultless functionality. Next Digital Agency is highly, highly recommended.

Matthew Gullett - Owner

eCommerce Website Development

MJG Supplements leveraged Next Digital Agency’s eCommerce Website Development expertise to revolutionize their online store. Our team designed a state-of-the-art platform that enhanced user experience, simplified navigation, and improved product discovery. This strategic development facilitated a seamless shopping process, encouraging increased sales and customer retention.

The intuitive design and responsive features ensured that MJG Supplements’ customers enjoyed a hassle-free shopping experience, whether on desktop or mobile, significantly boosting online revenue and market presence.


By optimising their website for search engines, we enhanced their content’s relevance and discoverability, leading to higher rankings in search results.

Our focused approach on keyword optimisation and meta data refinement directly targeted their audience, boosting organic traffic. This strategy not only elevated MJG Supplements’ presence in a competitive digital landscape but also drove substantial growth in sales, establishing its brand as a leader in the local supplements industry.

Magento Website Hosting

We selected Magento Website Hosting as the cornerstone of their digital infrastructure, recognising the platform’s unparalleled capability to support eCommerce growth.

This strategic decision enabled us to construct a highly scalable, secure, and performance-optimized online store tailored to MJG Supplements’ unique business needs. Our Magento hosting solution ensured lightning-fast page loads, robust security measures, and seamless scalability to handle traffic spikes without compromising user experience.

We implemented advanced caching techniques and optimized the database for peak efficiency, ensuring that MJG Supplements’ vast product inventory was easily accessible and transactions were smooth. This comprehensive hosting solution not only bolstered the reliability and speed of their website but also significantly improved customer satisfaction and conversion rates, laying a solid foundation for sustained business growth.

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