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WordPress Website Development

As part of our collaboration with Salvins Cleaning, we embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation project that involved branding, website development, search engine optimisation (SEO), and website hosting services.

We created a unique logo and visual identity that perfectly captured the client’s values of trustworthiness, efficiency, and excellence in service delivery. This was the foundation for developing a custom WordPress website to showcase the client’s services as user-friendly and engaging.

We implemented advanced SEO techniques to optimise the website’s content and ensure that it ranked highly on search engine results for relevant keywords, which helped to increase traffic and customer engagement.

Furthermore, our reliable website hosting solutions ensured that the client’s digital presence was secure, fast, and accessible 24/7, giving them the peace of mind to concentrate on their core business operations.

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WordPress Website Development

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Craig Salvin - Managing Director

Branding & Logo Design

Understanding the essence of Salvins Cleaning, we crafted a logo that symbolizes their commitment to excellence and detail in cleaning services Our design strategy centered around creating a visual identity that stands out in the competitive market, ensuring instant recognition and connection with their target audience.

Through a meticulous process of conceptualization, design iteration, and feedback integration, we delivered a brand persona that Salvins Cleaning proudly represents, embodying their values and vision for a cleaner, brighter future.

WordPress Website Development

We collaborated with Salvins Cleaning to enhance their digital presence with a customised WordPress website. Our goal was to create a visually appealing and intuitive online experience for their customers. Our website design is search-engine optimised and aimed at converting visitors into loyal customers.

This project is a testament to our commitment to delivering digital solutions that empower our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Search Engine Optimisation

We helped Salvins Cleaning, a commercial cleaning service in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, improve their online visibility and attract more clients through targeted SEO strategies.

We conducted an audit of their website, developed a customized plan, and optimized their Google My Business listing. We also improved their site authority through strategic backlinking.

Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic, improved keyword rankings, and a higher conversion rate. Our collaboration with Salvins Cleaning exemplifies our expertise in leveraging SEO to drive business growth and enhance online visibility.

Website Hosting

We provided dependable web hosting for their high-traffic website. Our web hosting platform offers high uptime, fast loading speeds, and comprehensive security features. We prioritise scalability, advanced security, and ongoing support to ensure that Salvini Cleaning’s website remains secure, updated, and optimised for optimal performance. Our dedicated web hosting services provide Salvini Cleaning with a reliable, high-performing website that supports its business objectives and enhances its online reputation.

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